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Sunday Mornings

Everyone is welcome on Sunday mornings to come and be themselves. 

We meet every Sunday at 10:30am

We are located at 3132 SE 67th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97206

We are here for you. 

Our Story

The Genesis Project's origins formulated about 15 years ago in Ogden Utah with the idea that the gospel of Jesus still brings healing and transformation to this day. That through the long-haul road of relationship, we can bring hope to those who have been marginalized or disenfranchised by organized religion by walking alongside toward Jesus.
Several years after the formation of GP, the Genesis Project in Fort Collins, Colorado started by renovating a recently closed-down strip club in the industrial part of town. That is when Genesis Project National came to be, along with the dream that we would plant other Genesis Project Churches with the same DNA – to love people in our city without conditions or strings attached. At GP there is no such thing thing as “us and them,” but instead we recognize that none of us have arrived and we are we are all on a collective journey.
A few years after the Genesis Project in Fort Collins launched, a community church in Southeast Portland, Oregon approached GP with the idea that there was need for a Genesis Project church in the neighborhood. Brett and Mali Prior felt the tug of God’s heart to move from Fort Collins out to Portland and began the journey of coming alongside this community church imbedded in the South Tabor neighborhood with the purpose of eventually planting a Genesis Project.
After three years of doing ministry alongside this community church, the congregation decided to give the building over to Genesis Project. On April 4th, 2021 Genesis Project Portland began meeting weekly as a church, and a year later and we officially launched as a new church plant in the city.
We are excited for these next steps that God has for us in this amazing neighborhood, and we invite you on this journey with us in showing the true love of Jesus to this beautiful City. Not the love of an institution, organization, or religion. Not a love that checks all the proverbial boxes expecting to get something in return, but with the love that Jesus gives – real, tangible, unconditional, and audacious.
We don’t pretend to have everything figured out, but instead are simply a real and raw group of people who celebrate our diversity as a beautiful community of differents. That somehow through the empowerment of Jesus, we are able to come together in the unity of his Spirit, and create a space where everyone belongs.
We are excited to meet you someday soon, and journey alongside of you. 

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