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At Genesis Project, we create a safe space for people to find belonging through meeting them where they are, and journeying together toward the person of Jesus. 


We believe that through the gospel of Jesus new beginnings are possible, and the most effective way to experience them is through the long-haul road of authentic relationship. This can only develop over time as we show up for one another consistently and in spaces where it seems as though no one else will. God created us to do life together, so as we journey toward the person of Jesus, we become united through his Spirit.

At GP... you belong. 


  • Authenticity: Real and raw. We are genuine, transparent and vulnerable in our interpersonal relationships.

  • Acceptance: Everyone belongs. We meet all people where they are, value each story and demonstrate the love of Jesus.

  • Transformation: It's not up to us, so we surrender to the Holy Spirit as we actively pursue enduring growth.

  • Simplicity: We're committed to developing a culture that maximizes accessibility and impact through clarity and focus. 

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